Guest Workshops 

Samo Soto, a professional dancer and established teacher of many styles, inspired our community through a Toprock masterclass at The 805 Get Down with DJ Megatone.

Please enjoy the "that kNYowledge" interview with Cebo Terry Carr. Many thanks to Gaucho Street Dance, Urban Dance Company, MVMT, and UCSBreakin' for organizing the event.

Spring 2016, Ynot from Rock Steady Crew came to Santa Barbara to teach two masterclasses at UCSB and to judge Everybody Dance Now!'s 2nd Annual Day of Movement battle.

Cebo Terry Carr is a master teacher, curriculum specialist, professional dance studio owner, and prominent figure in the New York City Hip Hop Dance community. 

EDN! and Gaucho Street Dance teamed together to bring YNOT from Rock Steady Crew to offer a masterclass and interview to our local dance community. Discussion led by Miri Park.

Kim Holmes came to Santa Barbara from New York City for a day-long teacher training and masterclass on Saturday May 20th. The event was made possible by the generosity of the Santa Barbara Bowl. 

EDN! Teacher Profiles & Press

NYC Everybody Dance Now! Instructor, Chrybaby Cozie, just completed an interview with Make Your Voice Matter @makeyourvoicematter Not only is @chrybaby_cozie one of the creators and masters of Litefeet, he is also on a mission to spread light, connect with the community, and better our youth. 

From EDN Student to EDN Teacher, @pablitogee has inspired hundreds of dancers to creative, passionate, and leaders in their own communities. We are proud to have him on our team as a teacher and cultural dance instructor in #santabarbara 

Executive Director, Olakunle Oladehin, gave a keynote speech at When to Jump II in New York City.

Our programs are only as good as those people providing our services. We are blessed to have a dedicated and talented teaching staff. And we are excited to highlight them and have them share their stories. Here, Noel Rodriguez aka "Frostlock" shares a bit of his background and calling. Enjoy! 

Gearing up for a new season in New York. Here's a news feature at our Kingsbridge Heights Community Center partner with teacher Ki Niàn and Executive Director Olakunle Oladehin#justthebeginning#bigthingsahead