Everybody Dance Now! is so excited to bring you interviews and tutorials from Hip Hop legends who have helped shape the art form into what it is today. These artists embody all that Hip Hop is, and now we are so grateful to say they have chosen to share their experiences and talent with all of us! Below you can find tutorials and interviews from the likes of Kim Holmes, Buddha Stretch, Marquest, and Spex. These artists give you step by step lessons on moves such as the Running Man, the Steve Martin, and The Prep! So clear some space, stretch out, and click a link below to start learning and dancing with the legends! 


Episode 1: Buddha Stretch

Episode 2: Marquest

Episode 3: Kim Holmes

Episode 4: Caleaf

Episode 5: Spex


Tutorial 1: Buddha Stretch

Tutorial 2: Marquest

Tutorial 3: Kim Holmes

Tutorial 4: Caleaf

Tutorial 5: Spex