The Power of Dance

Meet Siya, the director of our EDN! NY chapter! Siya shares a touching story about how she saw first hand the power dance has to brighten someone’s day.


“So today I feel pretty good! Every Monday I go to a Children’s Home and teach dance to a small group of kids. They spend most, if not all of their time at the Home because for whatever reason they can no longer live at home with their families. This is my 4th week coming and every time they all express to me how they’re tired, or sad, or frustrated with their situation and I try to leave them with a word of encouragement and a hug!

So today as I’m leaving the Director of the facility says, “I know sometimes you have a hard time with the kids because of everything they’re going through they’re a ‘tough group’.. BUT your class is the most attended program they’ve had all year. It’s the only class that the kids are actually excited about and the only one where all of them at least try.” She then asked me if I would be willing to extend my program from 12 weeks to THE REST OF THE YEAR! 😭 cries in happy tears*

This is a reminder to just be kind! A song or a dance or a hug can go a long way in somebody’s life! Keep being a light and if you have it to give... GO GIVE it back to someone in your community!”

Do you have a story where you saw the impact of the arts on an individual or a community? Share it with us for the chance to be featured in our blog!