My journey to EDN

It’s been three years since I took the leap — leaving a sure thing for the unknown. I didn’t have a clue what committing to a calling would involve. Sometimes it feels like I’m cramming years into days, and sometimes it feels like I’m just getting started. The path isn’t always easy but it has left no regrets. And I’ve had the privilege to navigate the journey with my friends and family.

Thanks to Everybody Dance Now for giving me a home…a place to land when I was trying to figure out what purpose I was suited for…a place to serve and to be inspired. Thanks to friends and family who have fuel me to keep going. On the long days, it makes all the difference. And thanks to my wife for your belief in me and your willingness to sacrifice some of our time together so I can share it with others. You are my rock.

I’m excited for the next three years and beyond. A whole lot more to learn, experience and give.