Ghana Move the World

Everybody Dance Now! Chicago partners up with Empathy FX and Tou Ger Lee to bring a special experience to the youth in Ghana. 

With the intention to move the world, the goal of our program is to use Dance as a vessel - in which life and all of its lessons and experiences can be expressed through.

During the program, students will
Identify the essence of who they are and how to use that in their daily         lives
Set goals towards who they aspire to become through education and         creativity
Receive creative tools and perspectives that can be used in various             areas of life
Experience freedom through artistic expression
Learn some cool new Dance moves!

Empathy FX School students

Empathy FX School students

We believe that Dance is about much more than just movement, and that there is an empowering message behind every twitch, every step, and even every moment of stillness. Through our Dance classes, we aim to open up the doorway for the students to explore their own message for themselves in order to live the lives that they choose to, regardless of the circumstances life may throw their way. We aim to do this by

Teaching Dance classes that focus on the balance of technical                     movement and heart
Teaching movement and concepts that expand imagination
Distinguishing the difference between “action behind movement” and        “Being behind movement”
Providing ontological Life Coaching tools and perspective fused into
Creating a video project that shows what art and creativity can provide

Through moving Ghana, we believe that we’ll be doing our part in moving the world and the way in which we view it. We hope that you’ll consider moving the world with us by supporting and donating what you can to our program.

Thank you.

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