Dance as a means.

We invite you to

A youth empowerment dance summit with the future in mind.


Being held at the Harold Washington Cultural Center on the southside of Chicago - Everybody Dance Now!, Power Style Radio, and Dance & Delivery bring an unique event to Chicago's youth.

Join us for a night of dance on Saturday, June 16!

Our feature programming in the evening, will be two youth-based dance battles (3v3 Breaking battle [2 youth, 1 adult] / 2v2 Open/All Styles [1 adult, 1 youth]) and a performance showcase designed to highlight the talent and art of Chicago’s youth. Earlier that afternoon, we will be hosting a variety of community programs and discussion panels centered around how dance can have the power to combat issues throughout the city.

We will show that dance can be used as a means...

… for Community Building & Youth Empowerment,

… for Social Change & Violence Prevention,

… to Making a Living, and

… for Self-Expression.

We will be creating a space for youth to voice their stories and interact with dance-based professionals, who can show them that dance can be the means to deliver so much more than it initially appears.

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