Location Spotlight: The Peace Corner Youth Center (Chicago)

by Brandon Jackson

The Peace Corner Youth Center is an organization located in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, providing employment services, skill development, mentoring, tutoring, and a push in the right direction. EDN!C instructors Nadell Jackson & Chris Ayala create an enjoyable environment within the weekly classes. Once the kids get into the choreography it becomes an area full of fun and excitement. “For kids their age, they catch on to the choreography very easily and execute in a very high level,” Jackson reflects. The majority of the classes are relatively small; with roughly ten kids for each class, providing an intimate and personal experience with the choreographer.

Weekly classes are a core component to EDN!C’s mission of youth empowerment. Through dance, a creative outlet for achievement is provided for students. For many, dance becomes a natural therapeutic avenue for emotion expression and coping. With many of our students living in low-income areas, it is important that we help them advocate for themselves and their futures as the leaders of tomorrow.

If your school or organization is interested in classes, please contact chicago@everybodydancenow.org