Staff of EDN: Jordan Ordonez

Meet Jordan Ordonez!
EDN! Chicago Chapter Director

by Alyssa Leahy

Jordan Ordonez is a dancer and leader in the dance community who continuously aims to learn more in his experiences to share with his works and community. He has been a part of the EDN! team for four years now; one year as Assistant Director and the last three years as Chapter Director.

Within his time with EDN!, Jordan has been able to work with the Chicago team in rebuilding program models and implementing new leadership structures into the community. He is working with the EDN! branches to help these models grow and expand youth empowerment and community involvement. Having different branches around the country, EDN! is able to have so many different teachers and backgrounds to work with; which is a huge interest for Jordan.

Jordan continues to learn and practice different styles while in Chicago and traveling, such as house and hip hop, and brings his experiences back to teach others what he learns. Outside of EDN! and dance, Jordan is working on his pharmacist career and finding his way to help and serve the underserved; sharing his knowledge with those who need it.

Within both Jordan’s dance life and personal life, he is aiming towards building more community involvement and being a leader while learning from his surroundings in the process. Jordan says, “The mission of EDN! is truly a passion of community building and youth empowerment, both on a micro scale and a macro scale.” He is happy to dance and work with people of the past and new connections to help get to the mission of our future!