Chicago Community Member Spotlight

Meet Monyett Crump!

by Briana Madden 

Monyett Crump may have just pulled off two extremely well-received and quickly beloved workshop events in Chicago, but most in the community just know him as an exuberant teacher and committed student. Reveal Vol. 1 in September of 2017 got the ball rolling for an even more successful Vol. 2 earlier this month. Instructors and dancers alike can’t seem to stop lauding the talents Monyett brought together to create an inspiring, positive and community-driven event. As footage from classes like Melvin TimTim’s, Vinh Nguyen’s and of course, Monyett’s, continue to circulate, it’s safe to say Chicago is ready for Vol. 3 in the fall.

All this buzz could easily go to a person’s head, but for Monyett, it’s really about sharing his craft and focusing on the simpler, core values of hip hop. As a self-proclaimed “YouTube kid” who only took his first formal class five years ago, Monyett got his start at family parties and through learning choreography from YouTube videos. “When I imagine hip hop, I imagine it to be a big party, everybody just jamming and having a good time together, listening to music, and just dancing…To me, if you want to dance, and you like to dance, then that’s it,” he said.

According to Monyett, social media is the reason for both positive and negative changes lately in the culture around hip hop and urban choreography. He praises platforms like Instagram for helping bring exposure to hip hop dance in general and helping some dancers book jobs in the industry. However, he’s not a fan of how some talented artists get left out entirely, saying, “There’s so many dope choreographers and teachers in the world, versus the ones that we just see on social media, that don’t get the recognition that they deserve.” If Monyett has anything to say about it, that will be changing.

With high hopes that future volumes of Reveal will continue to create more job opportunities for Chicago dancers and choreographers, Monyett has a clear vision for the type of energy he wants to cultivate. He even refused to even call it a “convention,” because he dislikes the competitive nature of the word and has dubbed Reveal a “dance experience” instead. “There’s no real passion in the word, ‘convention,’” said Crump.

A workshop event that’s actually by the community and for the community may seem too good to be true, but Monyett Crump made it happen and is committed to continue building the experience.  He truly just wants to show off the talent in the community, saying “The more talent that is seen and revealed (I love that word), the more opportunities that can come.”

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