Teachers of EDN!: Chrybaby Cozie


Meet Daniel “ChryBaby Cozie” Holloway, one of the NYC teachers here at EDN!. ChryBaby grew up in Harlem, NY in a family filled with people who enjoyed music and street dance. As a child, ChryBaby was inspired by the music that played at his house along with the popular music videos and hip hop movies of the time. His older brother actually taught him his first dance step, the running man, and from there, he fell in love with dance. As a child, ChryBaby felt that he was slightly overweight and could not do popular breakdancing moves such as spins. However, determined not to stop dancing, ChryBaby used moves such as waves and glides to do his own thing and continue to dance.

After high school, ChryBaby met AG The Voice of Harlem and helped pioneer LiteFeet, a Harlem born dance style. LiteFeet is a street dance style that has been greatly influenced by the culture of NYC and has inherited several commonly known dance moves such as the Harlem Shake, the Tone Whop, and the Aunt Jackie. LiteFeet has become a defining New York style that today is a critical part of street dance culture.

Through EDN!, ChryBaby hopes to “elevate the students and elevate their minds”. He wants to inspire his students, no matter what path in life they end up taking. He also wants to teach his students about the culture of NYC, specifically Harlem, that was instrumental in creating street dance and LiteFeet. Because of Chrybaby’s own upbringing in Harlem, he feels that he has many things in common with his students and wants to help inspire them through dance.

Chrybaby Class