Teachers of EDN!: Kim Holmes

Kim Holmes

Meet Kim Holmes, one of the NYC teachers here at EDN!. Kim Holmes grew up in New York City, where dance became a hobby and then quickly turned into a passion. She has had formal training in ballet and jazz, however she was drawn to the creative energy and passion in street dance which led to her eventually pursue street dance professionally as she began working with several stars in the music industry. Kim Holmes has enjoyed traveling with several artists including Robert Redford, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, and Salt-N-Peppa, however she also loves the freedom she has to travel under her own name outside of a music artist. Kim met Kunle when she was interviewed for a project involving some of the pioneers of street dance styles, and soon after was brought on as a teacher with EDN!.

    As street dance is predominantly male-dominated, Kim Holmes wants to help set new boundaries for women in hip hop. She hopes her work as a dancer inspires others to begin street dance and follow in her footsteps. Through EDN!, Kim Holmes hopes to push her agenda even further by inspiring all her students to continue dance. She wants to teach perseverance and drive; skills to be used outside the classroom as well as in it. Kim Holmes also hopes that her students leave her class “knowing that they matter”, both as dancers and as human beings.