Let #Givingtuesday be the start of something that goes beyond a day

It is my second Giving Tuesday as a nonprofit Executive Director. I'm still relatively new to the job, and I am working to improve marketing the impact of our organization, especially on a day like today. As a lean group where a few positions split all necessary duties (from marketing to development to strategy), it is hard to find a lot of hours solely for campaigns. However, we do recognize how important it is to share what we are up to and to do so more often. Though we might feel overwhelmed at times, Giving Tuesday reminds us that we have a story to tell and a platform to magnify it. And it's not just the story of our work that we share. We want to promote a mindset of giving that goes beyond today or even this holiday season. And we are excited to be a part of a bigger picture that shows everyone the difference they can make.

What are our metrics?

What it is we measure as an organization on this day? That's easy. Money raised. Funding keeps the lights on, allows us to build our capacity and spread our mission. We also view increased exposure -- more eyes on the work we are doing. With ambitious goals for growth and development, we need to maximize our impact

Is there a number we'd like to hit? More. I say more because there is always a growing amount of work to accomplish. And I don't want to shy away from that fact. We want to accelerate our goals and build capital for expansion. So when it comes up thinking about a finite target number, it's difficult to measure. A goal we can hit is usually best practice, but it's not always an accurate measure of what is needed. And reaching it doesn't indicate that the work is done. There is more to be done, and more Giving Tuesday appeals to send each year. It comes with the territory of involving ourselves in ongoing work that is scaling each month.

What are our goals?

The contribution is only half of the story. We hope to share with our network the significance of this day -- that after spending the weekend with family -- eating, giving thanks, and shopping -- we take a time and reflect on ways to invest in others. Highlighting this day of giving after a few days of self-indulgence can help us step back and see some of the things we truly value - unity, meaning, and joy.

We want to remind ourselves of the power we all have to make an impact. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make our communities and our world better, and we are the ones to do it. Creating change doesn't always mean opening your wallet. It's about being conscious of what you have to give, and then being gracious in sharing it. You can make an impact by sharing your time, talents, and wisdom to benefit causes you support. I know some of the most significant contributors to our growth have been those who sit down with us to help us get outside perspective, make connections, or help carry some of our workloads.

Appeals for financial contributions will be filling your inbox and feeds today. If you're in my circle, I've probably already sent you some. And there will be more to come in the future. Nonprofits are here to share the problems we are facing in the world and the opportunities to be involved in helping us solve them. In a world where we hear a lot of negative, sensationalized news, it's a chance to shift the focus to people making a difference.

And when you wake up on Wednesday, I pray it sticks with you - the idea that your impact matters. Throughout the year, you can play a part in what your block, neighborhood, city and nation look like in the future.