Summer Moments

By Cassie Hughes, EDN!SB High School Volunteer and Assistant

The magic of summer is about having the time to experience moments. During the year we rush through our days, weeks, and even months, but during summer time slows down and allows us to experience moments.

On June 28th my family and I departed on a 23 hour journey to Vietnam for summer vacation. This trip was not a stereotypical tropical summer getaway, instead it was a transformative and eye opening experience filled with humanizing moments that left me both humbled and inspired. No matter what the internet or my parents told me, nothing could have prepared me for the spontaneous moments of connection with the local kids in the remote villages of Vietnam. Witnessing the curiosity and excitement in the children’s faces when attempting to communicate with them without a shared verbal language was an unforgettable sensation.

Today I spent my day in Santa Ynez guiding a group of 48 kids in the creation of a dance performance. Many times throughout the day I experienced the same spark I did in Vietnam. Moments of human connection with people I never would’ve connected with otherwise. The gift of summer is the ability to slow down and experience these moments. The gift of EDN! is to create these moments.

After all of this I have realized, we are but of one human spirit in different bodies in different space and time.