Paris Cullen: Making Moves, and Making a Difference

One of the best parts about movement is the power it has to transform people’s lives both mentally and physically. We are fortunate enough to see this transformation happen first hand in our various communities across the country. Former EDN! teaching assistant, Paris Cullen, uses her passion for movement to connect with others in a way that is nothing short of innovative and inspiring.

Everybody Dance Now! Fall 2018 Programmatic Updates & Thank You!

Thank you to our donors, site partners, parents, staff, students, sponsors, and community members for supporting Everybody Dance Now! this year! Your support has helped us provide over 3,000 hours of classes to students across the US, giving youth a safe, positive environment to explore their creativity and build community. Your willingness to give back is driving the expansion of our work. Because you believed in us, we are now in the midst of launching four new chapters in 2019.  You’ve helped us build capacity, invest in hiring talented local teachers, and find new ways to track classroom outcomes. Thank you for being part of our family. We look forward to sharing the stories that emerge in our programs as a result of your gift. Please find our national Fall 2018 programmatic update report below. We plan on creating these reports to share with you at the end of each quarter to keep you posted on our progress of expansion, teacher trainings, community events, and more!

Helping A Child With A Disability Get Involved In The Creative Arts

The arts can have a profound effect on people of all ages, from offering an emotional outlet to allowing young people to have their voices heard. Dance, music, visual art, theater and even cooking are all wonderful ways to get creative and learn to relax, boost self-esteem and make social connections that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Playing a musical instrument can even help a child learn about math and reading concepts in a new way, which is why getting a child with a disability involved in the arts is so rewarding.

Investing where it matters most

When a site reaches out to us to host four workshops in a single day with over 250 kids, I gladly accept without hesitation. It has nothing to do with the confidence I have in myself; it stems from the belief I have in our talented team. I have the privilege of working with my mentors, peers, and friends in the dance scene. Our work doesn't happen without them, and it happens at a high level because of them.