EDN! Inland Empire

Everybody Dance Now! Inland Empire was founded in 2018 by Nathieli Diaz-Bishop and Chris Bishop. EDN! Inland Empire is currently hiring street dance instructors and solidifying partnerships/funding. Early this January 2019, the EDN! Inland Empire teaching team provided daily classes at a middle school arts intensive through Palm Springs Unified School District. This one-week arts intensive focused on engaging middle school students and sparking their academic interests through exposure of different arts-related disciplines. Then mid-January, weekly classes commenced at Desert Hot Springs High School, Cathedral City High School, Raymond Cree Middle School, and Cabot Yerxa Elementary School through our partnership with Palm Springs Unified School District. All students will participate in 10-12 weeks of programming and the programming will conclude in the Day of Movement, a community-building day of dance, artistic exchange, and performances.


Nathieli: nathieli@everybodydancenow.org

Chris: chris@everbodydancenow.org