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Your donations provides classes to kids most in need.

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Everybody Dance Now!
115 Broadway, FL 5
New York, NY 10006


provide a dance class for 15-30 students


provide a semester of dance classes for one child


provide guest workshop for 50+ students
provide teacher training workshop for ten instructors


provide equipment costs for one new classroom


provide a month of classes for a classroom of 30 students
provide training support for an instructor for one year


provide a semester of classes for a classroom of 30+ students


provide a year of classes for a classroom of 30+ students

Featured Campaigns:


Help us reach the 100+ new students as we continue expansion this fall to neighborhoods in Portland, Inland Empire, and Pennsylvania and grow our programs in Chicago, Southern California, Houston, and New York.


Everybody Dance Now! Chicago partners up with Empathy FX and Tou Ger Lee to bring a special experience to the youth in Ghana. Taking a step out of the Windy City to give the gift of Dance - a vessel in which life and all of its lessons and experiences can be expressed through. Help us get there!