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community dance program

Everybody Dance Now! (EDN!) is a national nonprofit providing weekly after-school classes in partnership with Title I Public Schools, community centers, housing projects, shelters, and juvenile halls. By utilizing hip hop dance and culture, our Common Core Standards-Based Curriculum engages students on their interests. Through dance, they acquire transferable life skills that aid in growth and development.

We hire teachers from within the communities, creating a teaching staff reflective of each neighborhood's rich diversity. We invest in training teachers through a summer intensive and monthly sessions throughout the year in partnership with the Dance Education Laboratory.

Program Strengths

  • Over 95% participation and student retention
    • Starts with the students' interests in mind
    • Encourages higher male engagement than studios across the nation – 55% to 45% female-to-male participation
    • Does not require special shoes or equipment
  • Curriculum based on innovative thinking, peer learning, and collaboration
    • Celebrates the role of individuality in the context of community, emphasizing new interpretations of movement over the perfection of technique.
    • Fosters environment in which students work together as a class and in small groups to create a performance
    • Tracks students progress through social and emotional benchmarks