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Nathieli diaz-Bishop, Chapter director

Nathieli is a Dancer, Community Organizer and Arts Advocate. Born in Acapulco, Mexico and raised in Santa Ana, California, the rich Hispanic cultural traditions of music, dance and family fiestas inspired a natural dancer in her at a very young age. Her formal dance training began at the age of 9, while attending a summer outreach program hosted at a local performing arts academy. As a result, Nathieli pursued dance throughout high school. Upon graduating, she enrolled in Riverside City College’s dance program in 2008. She danced and performed in various genres from modern, ballet and hip-hop, to world dances such as, Haitian, West African, Bollywood, Bharatanatyam and Shishi-mai. Nathieli graduated from RCC in 2012 and transferred to UC Riverside, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Arts Management and a minor in Dance in 2015. While at UCR, she began her nonprofit work at the Fox Riverside Theater Foundation, where she planned, executed, and grew the outreach programs throughout four years. Nathieli is on a journey to utilize her professional skills in administration and outreach to give back to the youth in the community through the arts.


CHRIS BISHOP, Chapter director

Chris Bishop is a Dancer, Graphic Designer, DJ and owner of his personal brand 3ish. He was raised in the Coachella Valley and began Popping during his senior year at Cathedral City High School in 2008. Since then, Chris moved from the Coachella Valley to attend Riverside City College and transferred to University of California, Riverside where he received his B.A. in Sociology with administrative studies emphasizing in marketing and advertising. Upon graduation in 2015, Chris joined a collective called the 1212 Sessions which hosts biweekly dance sessions and events for his community. Chris has been fortunate to learn Popping, Animation and Boogaloo from many influential Poppers in the LA/Bay Area dance scenes, and continues to spread the knowledge to the next generation.